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Industry 4.0, takes its name from the European Industry 4.0 initiative, in turn inspired by a German government project. It is a process that stems from the fourth industrial revolution and is leading to fully automated and interconnected industrial production.

The new digital technologies will have a profound impact in the context of four development guidelines:


The first concerns the use of data: computing power and connectivity, and is divided into big data, open data, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine and cloud computing for the centralization of information and its storage


The second is that of analytics: once the data is collected, it is necessary to derive value. Today, only 1% of the data collected is used by companies, which could instead obtain advantages starting from "machine learning", that is, from machines that improve their performance by "learning" from the data gradually collected and analyzed.

The third direction of development is the interaction between man and machine: which involves "touch" interfaces, which are increasingly widespread, and augmented reality.


Finally, there is the whole sector that deals with the transition from digital to "real" and which includes additive manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, communications, machine-to-machine interactions and new technologies for storing and using energy in a targeted way, rationalizing costs and optimizing performance.


Here is a catalog of the Assets:

Capital goods whose operation is controlled by computerized systems or managed by appropriate sensors and drives.

Systems for quality and sustainability assurance.

Devices for man-machine interaction and for the improvement of ergonomics and workplace safety in a "4.0" logic.

Intangible assets (software, systems and system integration, platforms and applications) connected to investments in tangible assets «Industry 4.0.

The machinery must be:

  • controlled by means of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and / or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
  • interconnected to factory IT systems with remote loading of instructions and / or part programs.
  • automated integration with the logistic system of the factory or with the supply network and / or with other machines of the production cycle.
  • simple and intuitive interface between man and machine.
  • compliance with the most recent parameters of safety, health and hygiene in the workplace.

In addition, all the machines mentioned above must be equipped with at least two of the following characteristics to make them comparable or integrable with cyber-physical systems:

  • remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and / or remote control systems.
  • continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters by means of suitable sets of sensors and adaptation to process drifts.
  • characteristics of integration between physical machine and / or plant with the modeling and / or simulation of one's own behavior in carrying out the process (cyber-physical system).


It is possible to produce any appraisal / certificate of conformity in two separate and subsequent phases:


  • The first, based on the verification of the technical requirements of the asset
  • The second, upon successful verification of the interconnection


The two phases can be organized as follows:


  • First phase, preliminary: Based on the verification of the technical requirements of the asset, possibly at the manufacturer; in principle, this phase can also be conducted before the purchase of the asset;
  • Second phase, conclusive: It includes the inspection by the user to check the asset in operating conditions; this phase must be carried out when the asset is installed and fully operational, and interconnected.
  • Only the result of the second phase can be used for the eligibility of the asset for tax benefits (with positive outcome)




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