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"Being forerunners in technological development, innovation and quality thanks to ever new multi-sectoral knowledge and skills, to be a leader in Italy and in the world"


IEMME represents a company that for over forty years has been operating in the production and marketing of equipment for the electronics industry.


From wave welding - for which IEMME since 1973 (when it takes the name of IEMME ITALIA (IM) with the meaning of Industrial Machinery) is the number one in Italy both in terms of market share and technology.


The natural evolution has embraced the SMT-THT processes to which they are part: Screen Printing, Pick and Place systems, handling lines and Reflow Ovens, in addition to welding quality control and assembly processes such as AOI and x-Ray. We are also specialized in Coating and Dispensing processes with lines dedicated to various needs.


Furthermore IEMME is a manufacturer of consumer products such as Fluxes, Soldering Pastes, Cleaning Systems necessary for electronic assemblies.


Today IEMMEGROUP is a private group of 3 companies with more than 60 employees, 10 of which are employed in research and development, which designs, manufactures, installs, tests and assists complete PCB production and assembly lines.




"Pioneers in technology & innovation in the electronic assembly sector"




The main long-term objectives that have always guided IEMME are the satisfaction of its customers and leadership in the market and in technology.


To achieve such ambitious goals, the strategies that IEMME puts in place embrace a wide range of issues: from constant technological growth, thanks to the creation and production over the years of the most innovative equipment and products for electronic assembly, to constant expansion of internal skills, in order to guarantee our customers the best and most complete support.


The breadth of the range of products offered, the continuous increase in skills evidenced by the over twenty years of experience of our technicians and the concrete support provided to the customer, have allowed us to become the leading company in Italy in terms of the number of machines sold and installed.




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